Exercise 8

For this exercise we were required to read

“Konik, I. 2007.”Thematising the ugly side of sublime technological development in Sonzero’s Pulse (2006) as an inadvertent critique of the ‘technocentricism’ of postmodernity”. South African Journal of Art History 22(3)”

And discuss what he has said:

What Konik is sayin in the essay is that todays world is very indecisive, people are obsessed with social media and technology as well as spinning the truth, this results in no truth or justice.  In the essay he concludes that technology is not benefitting us, but affecting us negatively.. The reason he says this is because “capitalist techno-science reduces the human to a technical aspect.” Meaning that it takes out all the humans own thoughts and everything is done by the computer. In the essay he refers to the movie “Pulse” to backup his arguement that technology has changed the way people act and the world today.

Also Lyotard feels that technoscience has become autonomous and does not  benefit us humans. Also the automated nature of contemporary science has progressed to a level where the economy developed for itself.
Kristeva states in an argument that mainstream entertainment, advertisements and films Strengthen the socio-economic status by adapting individuals to their view points. The movie removes all aspects of how we interact among people and how we behave to certain aspects of life, this is done to show how human are “dehumanized”.

There is a positive and a negative argument when it comes to technology. however, Konik talks about only the negatives, he states that technology can be seen as a monster in another universe, taking over the lives of people on earth. in the movie it is depicted that technology is draining the human being, it drains the human existence.

The more people become involved with technology the more technology takes over human existence. people nowadays are unable to communicate in person, but can type out a thousand words on a cellphone. People lack communication skills, they dont know how to spell correctly because of slang that is associated with texting. Punctuation has also been left out or used incorrectly. Most people have become antisocial and can not live without a cell phone for more than 5 minutes.

Along with the increasing demand for technology he also says that nature is now being harmed because of that. He concludes that people use technology more and more each day and can not live without it.


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