Exercise 6

For this exercise we were asked to document the United Colors of Benetton campaigns between the 1980s and 2000s and discuss them.

Campaign 1:

This 1991 campaign for Benetton, depicts three conflicting continents in history coming together and being warmed by one blanket. The ad campaign is powerful because it has a subtle message, it targets the issues of inter-racial relationships by depicting the two ladies interlocking their hands, this shows homosexuality as well as adoption a child of a different race or colour. The ad has no titles, it simply allows the viewer to interpret it as they wish.  The logo is placed in the middle of the ad on the right.

Campaign 2:

This campaign is in support of the world food program (WFP) which aids world hunger, the campaign was released in 1997 and depicts how hunger consumes the body, by literally showing a hand which is a metal spoon. The ad uses only symbolism along with the logo for WFP and the Benetton logo on the right hand side again. This ad differs from the previous as it has more information and provides less to think about as it is literal.

Campaign 3:

The Unhate Campaign. The ad depicts Pope Benedict XVI and Iman Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb in a reconciliation kiss. After this ad was published the Vatican took legal action and forced Benetton to remove the ad. The ad remains consistant to Benettons usual adverts with the logo to the right side of the image and barely any other information. Leaving the image to tell the story. The choice of pope Benedict XVI and imam Sheik Ahmed el-Tayeb profoundly makes an argument for reconciliation.


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