Exercise 2

The second exercise required for Assignment one is to choose one of the following South African Magazines:

– A Look Away

– One Small Seed

– Enjin

– Design Indaba

Once a magazine has been chosen, we need to comment on the layout, type, content, style, genre, niche/market of the magazine.

The magazine I have chosen to discuss is One Small Seed.

About One Small Seed

One small seed is a magazine which came out in October 2005.  It is a South African media house with different ways to express awesome things.  One small seed is all about inspiration and how to share it.  It consists of a blog, social networking, online TV, photography publications, a production company, a series of different events and then the most important of all; the magazine that brings everything together.

The magazine is  printed out on glossy paper. This also links to the modern style of the magazine, it has a funky look and feel but it is also very professional.  The style of the magazine is inspiring because of the different design elements brought into harmony on each page.The magazine shows a diverse layout in each print.


The First layout being discussed is:

(Lindi Wessels, 1, 2014.)

Layout: This double page spread is meticulously placed to look modern and stylish. The page is divided so that the image is on one side and the text is on the other, however the pages link because of the use of the negative space.

Type: The Heading is placed in such a way that it makes it look modern and not cluttered, the title ‘Modern Day Goddess’ is in a serifed font.

Content: This double page spread is an introduction to what looks like a quiz or questionnaire, the subtitle reads “Looking at women of all modern day society, and the goddessly depiction that shows of in their everyday ambience. What goddess are you?”

The title portrays a message that all woman are goddesses in their own way and that there are several kinds of goddesses. This doesnt give the message that all women need to look a certain way or dress a certain way like most other magazines but that women can be themselves. On the other hand the image of the girl is their depiction of a goddess suggesting the opposite of what the subtitle states.

Style: The style of the page layout is modern, unique and fashionable, because of its clean lines and the use of photography which is also fairly modern. The positioning of the type is also modern, creating an interest in the reader.

Genre: The genre of the layout is stated in the top left hand corner of the first page, being “lifestyle” meaning, the type of life you choose to live.

Niche/Market: The target market for this layout I would say is primarily females between the ages of 18 and 30, because they are still deciding what they need to do with their lives and who they should become. The other audience I think it would target is older, more mature ladies who just want to find out more.

The second layout being discussed is:

(Marzelle Smith. 2013)

Layout: This double page spread has been divided into 4 columns with a different face above each paragraph of text.

Type: The type is difficult to read because the font size is so small, a question is asked and this is displayed in bold and then the answer is displayed in normal font.

Content: Although it is unclear, the article is about mastering your craft.

Style: It is a very playful style and informal.

Niche/Market: I would say this is targeted at creative people in the design industry.

Other layouts of One Small Seed which shows their diversity:


(ISSUU – one small seed issue 22 by Jessica Manim. 2014)


Lindi Wessels, 1, 2014. local design magazine – one small seed. [ONLINE] Available at: http://lindiewesselshistory.wordpress.com/2013/02/05/local-design-magazine-one-small-seed-3/. [Accessed 24 February 2014].

ISSUU – one small seed issue 22 by Jessica Manim. 2014. ISSUU – one small seed issue 22 by Jessica Manim. [ONLINE] Available at: http://issuu.com/onesmallseed_selectedcreatives/docs/onesmallseed_issue22/9?e=0. [Accessed 26 February 2014].


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