Exercise 1

This is the first exercise required for Assignment one of the History of Graphic Design syllabus. In this exercise we were required to choose 10 Contemporary logos which relate to ITS (International Typographic Style) Principles and then create a discussion on 5 of the logos, giving a reason as to why it has ITS Principles.

The 10 logos I have chosen are:

1. American Airlines – Flights

2. Adidas  – Clothing

3. NBC  – Broadcaster

4. Mitsubishi  – Car brand

5. Harley Davidson  -Motorbike

6. Firefox  – Browser

7. Unilever  – Food Producer

8. YouTube  – Internet site

9. Animal Planet  – TV Channel

10. Pizza Hut  – Fast Food Company

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 10.39.22 AM

You may ask yourself what ITS was and what their principles are?

The International Typographic Style began in the 1950s and is known as the Swiss Style. The Swiss Style emerged from Germany and Switzerland. Their objective was clarity and order.

The International Typographic Style Timeline [ONLINE] Available at: http://smearedblackink.com/swiss_style_timeline/. [Accessed 16 February 2014].

The five logos I will be discussing are:

1. Adidas

The reason I say that the logo is a reflection of ITS principles and design is because the logo is clear and concise. The font is a Sans serif font and the flower above the word adidas uses a symbol of a flower instead of an image of a flower, adidas active logo as you can see is mathematical in the sense that it uses a grid as well as a sans serif font.

2. Harley Davidson

The Harley Davidson logo as you can see uses symetrical lines and a grid in the sense that the logo is unified by a border and this shows a mathematical structure, the logo depicts clarity as it is easy to read and uses sans serif font. The logo also uses basic colours and only has three flat colours.

3. YouTube

The logo for YouTube depicts the ITS because the word ‘tube’ is reduced to a symbol which looks like a literall tube. The logo is simple and easy to read, it is free of propaganda. It uses the basic colours of red, black and white to portray the logo.

4. Animal Planet

The reason I think that Animal Planets logo is typical of ITS is because it is bold with the use of one colour, in different shades. The logo has the ‘M’ on its side which could be seen as how animals lay down most of the day and that animals come in different shapes and sizes so the logo is depicted in different angles to show this.

5. Pizza Hut

The reason Pizza Huts logo is being discussed is because it shows the logo clearly, the logo seems to look like a hut which could be the restaurant “hut”. and because not many colours are being used. The logo is in Sans Seriff and is mathematically placed to represent a hut.


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